2nd March

Lovely day, sunny and warm and pleasant. The snow was fabulous everywhere all day, I was on the pistes but clearly the off piste was in super powder condition too! :D

I took this same panorama from my house at 07.30 in the morning and then again at 16.30 in the afternoon. :) Remember, this view is for sale!!

View from the Alpe de Venosc

Early this morning

La Muzelle & l'Aiguilee de Venosc

The same view at 16.30 in the afternoon




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25th, 26th & 27th Frbruary

Well, Tuesday 25th was a lovely day, but with a bad forecast for Wednesday I took my Dutch group down the hidden valley (Gours) and they loved it! :) The snow was truly fabulous, and the narrow bits weren’t all that narrow even. :) We did have one hiccup just above Zotov’s leap, but that was quickly over. :)

Off piste in Les 2Alpes

here are the guys after the first two sections of the descent

Steep and narrow, but powder snow in Les Deux Alpes

This doesn’t look as steep as it sometimes is – although it was still pretty steep at the top!

Steep off piste

The alternative route to the last photo

Wednesday 26th was pretty foul as expected! It snowed, and snowed, and snowed! :o It was foggy :o HOWEVER … the snow was great, light powder right down in the village, and of course we have masses of fun off piste tree skiing right down here! I took the Dutch group round and about via all sorts of little ways, and they loved it even more than the day before! :) New bunch of off pisters are born! :)

Today (Thursday 27th) was lovely in the morning, sunny and fresh, but sadly clouded over in the afternoon, ready for tonight and tomorrow’s snow! :o What? More???? It hardly seems possible! :o The piste conditions today were totally exceptional, and although I wasn’t off piste at any point, one really can’t complain! :D

Old school ski outfit

Spotted this 80′s outfit and managed to snap it in time

La Muzelle & l'Aiguille de Venosc

Looking South from the Cretes chairlift


Also from the Cretes chairlift, looking up towards the glacier

We are expecting snow tomorrow … we’ll just have to see what next week brings :)





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21st, 23rd & 24th February

Hi everyone! Sorry that I’ve been too busy to write the blog, or even upload the photos for the last few days! :( Anyway, Friday was a pretty miserable day, foggy and dull and damp. :( Just at the very end of the day (too late for any good skiing of course), we almost saw some views! :o

Moody views of Les 2 Alpes

The fog was clearing a tiny bit just at the end of the day.

Well, Saturday was a nice day, but of course I spent almost all of it inside apartments preparing them for the massive inundation later in the day (to say nothing of Sunday!)

Yesterday was lovely, actually it was so nice that I almost didn’t take any photos! :o I did manage to snap these two guys enjoying some powder down from Rachas in the big couloir while I was going up the Bellecombe chairlift, sorry for the metal ‘arm’ in the photo  :)

Off piste in Les Deux Alpes

Looks nice!

Today was equally lovely, but there are definitely some strange people in the world. This chap was walking up the Cretes while the rest of us were skiing down and going back up by the perfectly serviceable chairlift! :o

Fitness freak in LDA

Walking up the hill – what’s all that about?

Later on, as I got home I spotted this lovely pink sunset on the summit of La Muzelle and couldn’t resist this photo:

sunset on La Muzelle, Les Deux Alpes

Sunset view from my house – apartment for sale if anyone is interested

We are hoping for a decent day tomorrow, but then it might be back to the grey and snow etc for the rest of the week. :( Still – these 3 nice days have been appreciated. :)

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20th February

We’ve had a totally beautiful day today! :) Sunshine from start to finish and hardly a cloud in the sky. :) This is more like it!!

First thing I took Dawn down the combe du Thuit again – we skied it the other day in very poor viz, and today she absolutely sailed down when she could see!!  :) Well done Dawn:

Le Combe de Thuit, Les Deux Alpes

Looking up the Combe du Thuit from the lift

In the midday slot I had those fantastic kids beginners! Today they skied from the glacier down to 2,600!! Not only that, but they did it well :)

Le Mura - Les 2 Alpes

At the bottom of Le Mura (Glaciers 2) – very pleased with themselves

Just after this we went off piste onto ‘moonland’ (my name for an area to the side of the Jandri piste) …. they all loved it – new off piste skiers on the way already! :)

Hors Piste facile aux Deux Alpes

Panorama on Moonland

Last thing I had more kids who also skied well – what a good day :) the snow was great everywhere on the piste. It was very crusty off piste as you can see in the photo, but that might improve when it snows tomorrow! OH YES … More of it coming!



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19th February

Today was miserable and foggy most of the day, there was also about another 20cms of snow, but not nice powder … yukky, sticky, wet stuff :(

First thing it wasn’t too bad at the Toura, but the Cretes were in thick fog all the time in the middle of the day. We heard that the glacier was in sunshine, so we went all the way up, only to ski into thick fog half way down the Signal! :o

skiing back down the Jandri side it did clear a fair bit, and the sun tried to get through, it almost managed it. :)

Piste roundabout in Les 2 Alpes

The first time I’ve seen a roundabout on the piste, good idea when many pistes cross

Signal piste, Les Deux Alpes

Skiing down the Signal we could see the sun trying hard to break through

Finally some sunshine!!

On the way down we could finally see some sunshine in the distance – just as the pistes were closing!

Rumour has it that tomorrow is going to be a lovely, sunny day! :) Fingers crossed. :)


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18th February

Today has been an OK day, without being really nice. It’s been dry and fairly warm, but the light’s been in and out. sometimes fine, sometimes a bit flat and sometimes downright ‘jour blanc!’

Apart from that and the snow low down getting distinctly soggy later in the day, it’s been good! :)

a good effort by the sun, but unsuccessful

Nice effect of the sun trying to come out just over the little peak

After the first lesson I skied down as it’s quicker – Yuk – the Demoiselles was in good nick but FULL of people, and while I had a quiet run down the right hand side of the Valentin, just look at it! :o This is why it’s dangerous – not because of the run itself but because of all the hoards on it. It’s easy to see that a good number of them clearly shouldn’t be anywhere near a black – even in a still photo! :o

Le Valentin - Les Deux Alpes

Not even lunchtime, or evening time – just mid-morning on the Valentin today!

Tomorrow is expected to be much like today, which will be OK. Fingers crossed for the rest of this week. :)

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17th February

Well the holidays, although starting with miserable weather on sunday, cheered up no end today and we had wall to wall sunshine. :) To be honest, working on the village slopes it was a bit too hot, and all the ski teachers were struggling with overheated feet! :o

Le Soleil aux Deux Alpes

Early afternoon looking across the nursery slopes

All the Easiskiers did really well yesterday :) I was thrilled, and then I just had to take this photo en route for home:

La Muzelle - the 'signature' mountain of Les 2 Alpes

La Muzelle in the early evening

The forecast for the next couple of days is OK, so fingers crossed. :)


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14th & 16th February

Well, I regret to say that we’ve had 3 absolutely horrid days. :( Friday was raining on the Cretes and there was very little visibility :(

Les pistes des Deux Alpes

A very grey, grizzly, drizzly day on Friday – looking up

Saturday was pouring with rain almost all day, and getting apartments ready and welcoming people was not the best fun in the world. Many of the new arrivals had a torrid drive down in really heavy rain as well. :(

Today it was just snowing buckets all day, and at about midday I skied down the Demoiselles, and I’ve never seen it so busy. It’s a bit hard to see in the photo which I took skiing down myself, but look beyond the people in the foreground! :o

Le Chemin des Demoiselles

Just look at all those people!

Sorry about the quality of this one, but I think you can get the idea. If the weather improves it’ll be fine when everyone speads out over the mountain. :) Fingers crossed please, however it’s still throwing it down out there now. :(

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12th February

We had another fabulous day today! :) the sky was blue all day until after the lifts shut, and although it was windy at altitude in the morning, it did drop a fair bit in the afternoon. In any case the whole mountain was pretty much open :) the pistes were in brilliant condition, and I found some very nice, pretty deep powder for my midday off piste lesson :)

Unfortunately I was having altogether such a good time that I entirely forgot to take any photos. :( However I did manage to take this very nice pic of a super moon above the Diable just now!! :)

La Lune, vu des Deux Alpes

Very full moon rising over the Cretes and the Diable

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11th February

today was lovely! :) Really fab :) it was sunny all day, and although there was a bit of wind in the afternoon, the snow was great and it was just slightly chilly all the time. :)

I took this pano from the top of the Toura chair looking south – always truly spectacular:


View over the back of Le Toura – how can you do better than this?

We skied all over up to this point and the snow was brilliant everywhere. :) Of course by the end of the day there were little bumps forming everywhere, but that’s par for the course on a fresh snow day. :)

Secours aux Deux Alpes

A friend took this photo of a helicopter rescue off piste around the Fee. Nice shot!

I skied with some really nice people today, and will ski with them again tomorrow and Thursday, so am now looking forward to it. :)

As I left the house this morning I took this shot – really! some people have all the luck!!!

Lazy Cat

some people just have slaves to do all the work and earn the money for the right food!

Tomorrow is also supposed to be nice – cross everything – it’s time for some decent weather! :)

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