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Select your resort carefully Buy your liftpass in advance unless you have a guarantee that you'll be refunded if you pay more than resort prices.
Complain (nicely) to the person responsible if you're not happy with something. That is the ski school if it's your lessons. The ski shop if it's your equipment. The rep if it's the hotel or apartment. Buy your ski lessons in advance without checking out the ski school and the class numbers. (Never accept lessons with more than 8 in a class - you won't learn a thing).
Take advice from the locals about where to ski. Your rep may not have the necessary knowledge. Buy your ski and boot hire in advance without checking out other prices in resort.
Obey the rules of the piste at all times. Book "standard" skis if you're a beginner - you need decent equipment to help you learn.
If in doubt ask the ski patrol - they'll prefer to help you first rather than rescue you later! Book "superior" boots unless you're very experienced as they're stiffer and more difficult to ski on.
Make sure your insurance covers you for off piste ski-ing (even beginners can do it and should be covered, just in case). Complain to your rep about ski school or ski shops. Nothing will be done.
Insure your hire skis etc. against loss or breakage. This will cost a bit extra but is well worth it. Drink as much as you do at home without taking on extra water - alcohol has more effect at altitude and you get very dehydrated which =bad hangover the next morning!
Take your time to acclimatise if you're in a high resort (like Les 2 Alpes). 1650m altitude is one mile high . 3200m altitude is two miles high . Let your skier friends teach you if you're a beginner - they're not trained and often (with the best intentions) show people exactly the opposite of the correct movements or take them onto slopes which are much too steep.
HAVE A GOOD TIME Just expect to be able to ski. Ski-ing is not difficult to learn if you're taught correctly, but almost impossible to learn by yourself.
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