In Winter


I will be available for one private lesson per day throughout the season, and a maximum of two lessons per day in the main holiday weeks. Maximum time is 1½ hours for 1-2 people, and 2 hours for 3-4. The minimum age for children will be 5 for beginners, and 4 for kids who can already ski.

Prices for winter lessons are 75€ per hour for 1-2; and 90€ per hour for 3-4. There is no difference in the price for kids or adults.


In Summer

it will be possible to arrange family lessons as well as normal private lessons, and only 1 lesson per day is possible. Please do note that the ski area is restricted in summer, and the earlier you choose (or are able) to ski the better. Summer 2017 was pretty bad for snow, but we did manage to stay open most of the season. We would hope for cooler weather next spring, and more snow throughout the winter. They are also installing some snow cannons where possible on the glacier (fed from the glacial lake) which should help considerably.

Prices for summer lessons will be 60€ per hour for 1-4 people.

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